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Guide Book Mitsubishi Pajero Manual

This is a guide book manual Mitsubishi Pajero Manual. We encourage you to read the manual guide book Mitsubishi Pajero Manual first, we provide this manual book as a PDF which you can download and you read by PDF. Here’s some review of Mitsubishi Pajero Manual:

Mitsubishi Pajero Manual. The new powerplant has a capacity of 3.2 litres and replaces the 2.8 litre indirect injection engine that has been part of the Pajero line-up since the early ‘90s. In addition to the new engine, the Pajero will receive a number of exterior detail changes as part of a facelift for the 2003 model. The changes include a new grille, restyled front bumper, revised tail light surrounds and updated side body mouldings.
Mitsubishi first offered its tiptronic five speed automatic transmission in the petrol variant of the NM series Pajero, launched back in 2000. Now the same transmission is also available with the new diesel powerplant. Of course, a five speed manual gearbox is standard fitment with Di-D Pajero.
Mitsubishi’s new 3.2 litre direct injection diesel engine is an impressive unit that helps bolster the ranks of the Pajero and broaden its appeal. With a significant capacity increase and use of more up to date technology, the Di-D engine delivers greatly improved performance and better fuel economy.